January 24, 2012

Sun in the sky, you know how I feel

Of course the weather is crazy. We live in Alabama. Still, I am shocked by the 74 degree heat that is masking the city o Birmingham for the second day in a row in JANUARY. I am praying the same beautiful weather will be present in Mobile on March 10th though.

I am counting down the days to the wedding now and can hardly believe I will be married in 46 days. I am rather excited! Everyday I am reminded how gracious God is in my relationship with Stephen and what a special gift he is to me.

A couple of details are being finished up (a major thanks to my Mom for helping!!) - dress fitting, bridal portraits, booking of hotel rooms, confirming food and flowers, thank you notes, etc. The invitations were sent out today and I could barely contain myself. I think I giggled all day. I know it will all be here before I know it, and keep reminding myself to enjoy this time of life and not wish it away - only a Smith for a little bit longer.

January 16, 2012

Case of the Mondays

It's Monday afternoon and I feel drained. Very, very drained. I guess it stems from traveling to Mobile this weekend an driving on the road. I had a fun time seeing my parents, both my brothers, sister in law and niece Katie. We worked on finishing wedding invitations and getting some stuff in order. Weekends I have learned aren't restful as you grow older, they just get busier.

Anyway, I ended up shopping for furniture and bought a dresser and chest of drawers. I am excited about my purchases and excited about "playing house" in 54 days too. The dresser and chest match my bedroom furniture now. So I finished off the master bedroom and will begin saving money for the den:)

Now I realize too, reading a good book at night until 10:30 (yes, old lady in the house) is a bad idea. That is WAY to late for me. How did I do it in high school and get up at 6:00am??!?! I think it is time for a vacation. I will have one soon. In a month and 3/4th -ish. Good plan, Clara.

January 13, 2012

How is it January 2012?

Wow, I have so neglected my blog for almost 2 months! Sheesh. I don't even know how to begin to recover from that either.

Okay, I will recap in a brief (maybe not brief) summary.


I had my first bridal shower in Mobile. It was awesome.
Work was insanely busy but I learned a whole lot of new stuff. YAYI started working out - the Kettle Worx DVD's. I'm getting buff. (Not really but I am toning)

I went to Auburn to speak to some HR classes - I love AU!

I stayed in Birmingham for Christmas and New Years. This was my first Christmas away from my parents and it was strange. I did miss them a lot. My Mom sent up my childhood stocking and I cried. I did enjoy Christmas with Stephen's family and got to see Kami and her family for Christmas Day dinner.

New Year's occured. I went down to my friend Peggy's parents house and there was a hug party. I danced. A lot. Some of my small group girls laughed at me. To be expected.


2012 came. I got sick but I am better now.

I am still enjoying the most insane working month of my life.

I had my first wedding dress alterations! I love my dress!!

I am still working out and getting more toned - hello 6am 3 days a week. Sometimes 4.

My friend had a baby - first close friend to do that. Nice.

I am traveling again to Mobile to visit the folks. I miss them.

I fell up the stairs today at work. I have a massive bruise on my right shin. Good thing I am wearing pants today.

I am now less than 2 full months to getting married! Holla!57 days until I marry SMS!!!!!!

Phew, okay, were caught up.

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