September 23, 2011

T-ball season

Thursday night was my sweet nephew Andrew's second tball game ever. I must admit, I cried when I saw pictures from the game on Monday night and that I wasn't able to go (for good reason - small group at my house). So, Stephen and I headed to the ball field to watch Andrew

play. Now, truth be told, there really wasn't much playing as the game was concerned. Just more playing in the dirt and talking to everyone within ear shot. I laughed when Andrew was just chatting it up with the other teams players and more curious about the toy Austen was playing with than the game. Oh well, he's four.

At the ripe old age of 25

Last week was my birthday. And I turned 25. I remember being in 4th grade telling my Mom I would never make it past the 8th grade. And here I am, 11 year past my 8th grade year and still shocked how fast it has flown by.

My birthday was a grand day. I had a lovely, quiet day at work, then I got some wonderful birthday cards and gifts from my family, and a wonderful dinner out at The Melting Pot with my favorite man!

I am truly blessed in my life. Thanks everyone for the birthday well wishes! Love you all!!

September 7, 2011

Gray afternoon and a front porch

I got off work early yesterday (decided to go in at 6:45am) and headed home to enjoy a relaxing afternoon. If you haven't been in town the last couple of days, let me catch you up on the weather. It's been raining. :) I like rain-when I don't have to get out in it. It all started on Sunday. We haven't had rain in a couple of months and the heat has killed most of the grass in my front yard. I grew up in Mobile-so rain was a common occurrence almost daily. So, being in Birmingham, not much rain has fallen and we've experience a drought. Again, I like rain so this has made me a little mad. Yes, mad.

Anyway, I digress. SO, Sunday it started to rain and didn't stop until this morning (Wednesday). With the rain came cooler weather! In all this heat, a cool day is a wonderfully beautiful gift from God.
When I got home, I changed out of my work clothes and put on some yoga pants and a sweatshirt (2 of my favorite clothing attire pieces), got a cup of English tea and muffin and headed to the front porch. Now, granted it was still misting rain and the wind was blowing it on me, but the serenity of the afternoon was indescribable. I looked over my wet lawn at a tree that was stained darker by the rain which magnified the greenish leaves. I felt like I had stepped out of a novel and should take a mental picture of my view. A good book in hand didn't hurt either.

Thank you Lord, that afternoon was much appreciated!

This week's finds and a great dancing deal

This has been a week of new discovery for awesome blogs/website for deals in Birmingham.

In Atlanta they have this website called MealDeal. It is a website that works similar to Groupon or Living Social, but you pick the restaurant and find coupons for that day-a savings of 50%-90%. It's that simple. Well, it hasn't expanded to Birmingham yet, but if you add it to your email and to your friends, the faster it will get here. I am excited about this one!

The second site I found is called POSH Birmingham. This one is pretty neat as well. Again, works the same as Living Social or Groupon, but has it categorized by dining, shopping and indulgence. Basically, the deals don't change daily-only when it reaches it quantity limit. It's got great Birmingham hot spot deals-like Serendipity Boutique, Mountain High, Bottega Cafe, spas and Cafe de Paris. Pretty sweet.

The thing I am most excited though is a Living Social deal I got a couple of months ago. For those who know me well, or just a little too, you know I love to dance. It is embedded into my soul. I do flail about some, but I love all types of dance. Well, Living Social had a deal for 6 dance classes at Magic City Ballroom for group lessons! 6 classes for $13.00!! Can I get a YEAH! So, starting in the next week, Stephen and I (yup, got myself a dance partner) will be learning how to ballroom dance-everything from Rumba, Cha Cha, Line Dancing, Waltz, etc. This will definitely be memorable!

Til tomorrow!

September 1, 2011

Tea Time

In college, a bunch of us girls who lived in a place called The Castle would have tea time on a weekly basis on Wednesday afternoons. We would all gather together, sometimes 5 of us, something 25 and drink tea and have small pastries while we sat and chatted. There was even a t-shirt made for all who attended tea time. Those times are fun memories I hold form my apartment days off Magnolia Ave.

(The picture to the right is Becca and I after Adventures having tea with Matt in their home in Bristol)

Well, yesterday a new tea time tradition started(I hope it continues) at my house. My wonderful mission trip team came over for tea time. We had hot tea, cakes and scones and made some memories of our own. I had tea on afternoon at Becca and Matt's in Bristol, England and feel it is high time I do it again. We will gather around the table (or in this case, circle our chairs in the den), serve hot tea with creme and sugar, take bites of our scones (well, we don't have the correct English creme or actually scones, just English muffins-but they will do) and chatted about pleasant topics and topics that get our hearts racing. The only thing missing was our English halves.

The team of girls from left to right: Anna, Julie, Maria, Morgan, Nicole, Clara (missing Rachel)
The team of boys from left to right: Andrew, Brandon, Stephen and Nathan (missing Anthony)

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