August 14, 2012

Vacation Day 1 :)

Phew. August 8th had arrived - the start to our vacation. It's a good thing too, because I was about to crack. The funny thing with vacation is, its not too relaxing. I guess people are so used to going, its hard to slow down and chill. Our vacation was no different. It was wonderful to spend some time with Stephen traveling and working on home projects, but I am exhausted from it (and have the sniffles too). Such is life :)

Our first day off, we went to the Georgia Aquarium in ATL. We wanted to do day trips, nothing overnight. Can't beat the comfort of your own bed. I had never visited this aquarium before, and was eager to go. How did I never go the 4 years I was at Auburn with it only 2 hours away? Eh, who knows! Nevertheless, I am so glad we went.

We packed our lunches and headed out. We saw all the areas of the aquarium and finished with the dolphins show. :) I think my favorite was probably seeing the whales. Holy moly they were awesome!

After the aquarium, we hit up Ikea (I love walking through it) and bought a couple of little items for the house, and ran quickly by H&M. We were planning on staying for dinner, but decided to go ahead and head home to Birmingham. We got back in time to enjoy yummy pizza for dinner and prepare for the next days busyness. Day 1, success!
I made SMS pose a lot for pictures. Tee hee hee.

Welcome in.

Creepy crab

Beluga whale.

Dori :)

See you tomorrow :)

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