August 31, 2011

A good book to read

Information by word of month is still heavily used. I know most of the world uses social media, which can lesson the time between receiving information and dispersing it, but word of mouth is still a large part of how information travel.

Let me dive into my topic of books. There are many good books and then there are great books. One in particular I heard by word of mouth (and now see in the move theatre and on social media outlets) is The Help.

What a incredible story about the 1960's from the perspective of African American maids and the women who employ them. I haven't even finished and I feel as though I have gotten to glimpse in a time where buses and water fountains were segregated, where Martin Luther King and the KKK were present and the world was changing. I have talked several time on the phone to my Mom about this era she grew up in, and the stories she remembers and what she saw in Mobile. I highly recommend this book!

As for some other books on my to read list:
Anything by Kristin Hannah (Firefly Lane, Night Road, Magic Hour, Home Again), The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, books by Emily Griffin and whatever the library holds that will be intriguing.

Birmingham just got a 2nd and Charles-basically a used book store where you can turn in old books for money and purchase previously owned ones for very cheap - like a $1.00! I think I will be visiting there after work today. Also, all those books are on Kindle too!

Of course, there are many other books out there that are worth of a read, but I will dive into those another day....

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