September 1, 2011

Tea Time

In college, a bunch of us girls who lived in a place called The Castle would have tea time on a weekly basis on Wednesday afternoons. We would all gather together, sometimes 5 of us, something 25 and drink tea and have small pastries while we sat and chatted. There was even a t-shirt made for all who attended tea time. Those times are fun memories I hold form my apartment days off Magnolia Ave.

(The picture to the right is Becca and I after Adventures having tea with Matt in their home in Bristol)

Well, yesterday a new tea time tradition started(I hope it continues) at my house. My wonderful mission trip team came over for tea time. We had hot tea, cakes and scones and made some memories of our own. I had tea on afternoon at Becca and Matt's in Bristol, England and feel it is high time I do it again. We will gather around the table (or in this case, circle our chairs in the den), serve hot tea with creme and sugar, take bites of our scones (well, we don't have the correct English creme or actually scones, just English muffins-but they will do) and chatted about pleasant topics and topics that get our hearts racing. The only thing missing was our English halves.

The team of girls from left to right: Anna, Julie, Maria, Morgan, Nicole, Clara (missing Rachel)
The team of boys from left to right: Andrew, Brandon, Stephen and Nathan (missing Anthony)

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