September 7, 2011

This week's finds and a great dancing deal

This has been a week of new discovery for awesome blogs/website for deals in Birmingham.

In Atlanta they have this website called MealDeal. It is a website that works similar to Groupon or Living Social, but you pick the restaurant and find coupons for that day-a savings of 50%-90%. It's that simple. Well, it hasn't expanded to Birmingham yet, but if you add it to your email and to your friends, the faster it will get here. I am excited about this one!

The second site I found is called POSH Birmingham. This one is pretty neat as well. Again, works the same as Living Social or Groupon, but has it categorized by dining, shopping and indulgence. Basically, the deals don't change daily-only when it reaches it quantity limit. It's got great Birmingham hot spot deals-like Serendipity Boutique, Mountain High, Bottega Cafe, spas and Cafe de Paris. Pretty sweet.

The thing I am most excited though is a Living Social deal I got a couple of months ago. For those who know me well, or just a little too, you know I love to dance. It is embedded into my soul. I do flail about some, but I love all types of dance. Well, Living Social had a deal for 6 dance classes at Magic City Ballroom for group lessons! 6 classes for $13.00!! Can I get a YEAH! So, starting in the next week, Stephen and I (yup, got myself a dance partner) will be learning how to ballroom dance-everything from Rumba, Cha Cha, Line Dancing, Waltz, etc. This will definitely be memorable!

Til tomorrow!

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