March 23, 2012

Wedding festivities

Wow, I need to recap everything that has happened over the past month. This one starts with the wedding week.

Two weeks ago, I got married! Ah, sweet! It has been such an amazing journey so far and I want to update you about it all!

The week before the wedding, I moved out of Kristina's, took all my stuff (the things I needed for honeymoon, wedding, work, etc) down to Mobile with me. I worked Wednesday in the Mobile office and then took Thursday and Friday off. Mom and I ran a bazillion errands Thursday and Friday was another busy day. That morning, I had my bridesmaid luncheon at the Tea Room and the rehearsal at the church. The Tea Room was so lovely and I enjoyed hanging with the girls. We practiced - Stephen, the Minister and me and then once thru with everyone in the wedding party. we left to go to the Rehearsal dinner at Felix's Fish Camp (Yum) and hit Friday afternoon traffic. Whoops, we forgot about that!

Once at the rehearsal dinner, we ate delicious fish, shrimp, steak, chicken and crab. The room was decorated with burlap, white roses, blue hydrangeas, and sea shells.

Saturday rolled around and is pretty much a blur. I went and got my hair done that morning and then Mom and I drove to the church to see the flowers. I am so glad we did because otherwise I would have never taken notice of them. The church flowers were done in shades of white on the pews, alter flowers and outside the main entrance. I was so thrilled with the outcome and so thankful I could see them beforehand.

We ran back to the Country Club of Mobile to start getting ready. The bridesmaids got ready in the ladies locker room and the boys came dressed in their tuxes. The first person I saw there was my Dad in his tux, and he looked so handsome I almost cried. We all ate lunch together and it was the first time I had Stephen that day! He looked so good and I was beyond ecstatic to see him.

I wanted to see the reception ballroom, so I wandered over to see. I saw the florist and his crew stetting up - and man! Did I LOVE those flowers. They were purple, blue, green, yellow, pink, etc arrangements covering the entryway to the ballroom. I'm glad I saw them beforehand, because again, I don't remember seeing them in the room when they were actually displayed in the correct places. Dennis, the florist, was working on the chandelier flowers above my cake table - creating a flower wonderland! I looked over to see the layers of my cake and Stephen's grooms cake on the bar table and was so blown away. Neither had been put together, but looked fabulous!

A lady was setting up the kids table - where the centerpiece looked like flowers - but was actually candy on sticks. I heard the table was a HUGE hit - with coloring items, candy, etc.

There was a roast beef carving station being set up and the pictures of my grandparents, parents, sibling, Stephen's parents, grandparents and siblings wedding pictures were set up on a table.

Once Arden, our photographer got the the CCM, the day flew by. Mom and Kami dressed me and I went to go see Stephen. Arden told me to tell him when to turn around and look at me, and I got chocked up. It was such a special moment and I am so thankful we saw each other beforehand and have that time.

All the bridesmaids and family took pictures outside at the CCM and then we had to change me out of the dress and head to the church. We took more pictures once back at the church and then before I could take a deep breath, it was time. I took my Father's hand, clutched my beautiful bouquet, and heard the music play. Both doors were closed after the bridal party processed down the aisle, and my Dad and I got situated. I heard my song on the organ and the trumpet begin to play - the double doors flew open and we began to walk! I know there were a ton of people around, but all I wanted to see was Stephen. I couldn't stop smiling at him and was so glad when we made it to the front of the aisle.

The ceremony flew by - I don't remember a lot except Stephen looking so happy and tapping his fingers on my hands. I didn't take my eyes off him or his off mine. I giggled a bit when we were pronounced husband and wife and walked back out of the church to the side of the building! The wedding party followed and I hugged and kissed my groom and was so joyous!

We went back in after the guests had left for pictures, and then to the reception. I remember some people I talked to, some not. My sweet siblings kept bringing up drinks and food and checking up on us, and that was so appreciated!!! Thanks Kami, Nathan and Justin!

Before we knew it, the cake was cut (no clue what the final product was, its amazing that I didn't notice), the guests greeted, garter tossed and flowers thrown that it was time to leave. We ran out to a shower of rose petals and onto the golf cart that drove us away just married.

What an incredible, God glorying, day! Words wont ever be enough to express that day.
I can't wait to see pictures and video to relive that wonderful day!

Thanks Mom and dad for my dream wedding!

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