July 13, 2012

Cookie dough Ice Cream Pop {recipe}

See the epic awesomeness of a cookie dough ice cream pop! Sugar, chocolate chips and the magic of a freezer.

I'm very proud of the non-mess I made. I'm happy with the delicious flavor of chocolate. I'm proud that I own my own popsicle kit. I'm just excited all the way around. :)

2 1.2 c. of milk
2/3 c. of light brown sugar, packed
couple of pinches of salt
2 tsp. of vanilla extract
1/4 c. of mini chocolate chips

Place milk in a bowl and heat to 1-2 minutes in the microwave. Stir n brown sugar and salt until dissolved, Then stir in vanilla.

Place chocolate chips in the bottom of your popsicle mold and then fill to the top with your mixture. Let it freeze and ta-da! Yummy-ness!

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