September 11, 2012

Summertime Blossoms

I love creating things with my hands. I must admit,  I like to be active and I have been crafting for years now. I like creating something, seeing it take form and working on it until completion. It is very rewarding and I have an itch for it.
I have done gifts for friends and family, but only randomly. Lately, I have been encouraged by several people I know to start making my items to sell.
I thought about it for awhile, but never did anything with it. Until now. I finally decided to pull the trigger and try it. I haven't put anything on Etsy or in shops yet, but perhaps in the future. For now, the Facebook page will do.
So what do I make you ask? All sorts of things! I love making tile coasters for starters. I saw the cutest coasters in a store, but was shocked when I turned them over to see the price! $35.00 for 4 coasters that I could do myself?!? Nope, I decided to experiment and make them myself. I am still working on perfecting them, but I love the process and how they look when completed.

Aren't these just adorable?!
Next, I thought about candles. I love them - but hate spending $25-35 on one candle. So, why not try these as well? I find tea cups from places around town and make them into a sweet, southern decoration for the home. And mason jar candles - who doesn't love those?! Once done, clean it out and make some sweet tea!
Fabulous! I do them in gel or soy wax. Right now, I only have vanilla scented, but I will expand that!
And of course, who doesn't love fun colored hair ties? I honestly hate pony tail holders because it rips out my hair or breaks it.
I do other things too - I've done paintings, wreaths, whatever. As long as I get to craft, I'm a happy girl!
Make sure to check some stuff out!


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