September 19, 2012

Birthday celebration

Last week/weekend was a celebration week for my 26th. My sweet hubby surprised me with beautiful roses and sweet gifts last week. We went to a wonderful dinner at Brio (I signed up to be on their email list and got a free Entree for my Bday, and the nice waiter gave us a free dessert) and enjoy the evening, just the two of us.

We planned a couple weeks back to head to my hometown for the weekend so Friday after work we hit the road and headed to see my mom and dad. This past weekend at my parents was so needed! we spent time working on the farm with my dad, shopping and hanging out with my mom, and a nice dinner Saturday with my parents and grandfather. We went Sunday (my bday) to church and headed back to our house after lunch. Okay, so it wasn't a weekend for the history books, but it was such a wonderful and relaxing time. Thanks Mom, Dad and Stephen!

Yummy double layered cake from my husband!

Delicious chocolate and white cake made my my presh friend Kristina!

Roses from my hun.
Sorry Mom and Dad, you have the cake picture from Mobile! Thanks everyone for a sweet 26!

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  1. What sweet friends and family you have! Great pictures :) Looks like you had a wonderful day celebrating.


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