October 19, 2011

Autumn sky

Morning. Some days it comes so early I can hardly stir from the comfort of my sheets and the warmness of my bed. This morning was no different than most. I opened my eyes to the darkness and stillness of my room. Wesley had already left for her workday at the hospital and Heather in New Orleans.

Mornings like this one remind me of mornings in my dorm room in college. I would wake up to the slight chill in the air and snuggle deep back down. Except waking up is a bit different now. I don't have a cheery roommate who rolls her desk chair across the floor and says a cheery "good morning" before we head off to class.

I wake up as an adult readying myself for work, still feeling like I am 18.

It's an exciting chapter in my life. Soon my mornings will look different again, something new and different and comfortable.

So, this morning when I woke up, it didn't look different from most mornings. The chill was in the air, my eyes opened to darkness. But every morning I remember to rejoice in each stage of life, each opportunity to wake up and live in awe of Christ.

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