October 7, 2011

Friday afternoon in Atlanta office and weddng planning

So, I love our multiple offices for work. We have our HQ in Birmingham and our other offices in Atl, Mobile, Chattanooga and Charlotte. Today, my boss and I are in the Atlanta office for work and I just love it! Our employees here are so sweet and it's just a cool town to be in. We walked down to eat at the Terrace cafe, a couple of blocks form the office. Ah, good day!

Okay, new topic. Tomorrow Mom, Kami and I will be going to look for my wedding gown!! AHHH. 156 days til I get to marry Stephen! It feels like such a long time but I know in reality, it's not too far away. So far, we have booked the church, venue, flowers and cake. Now on to the photographer. My Mom has been such a huge help figuring out the logistics of it all! Thanks Mom!!

Stephen and I are now trying to decide on our honeymoon-we have an idea but I will let everyone know once its official!

We also have had fun looking for "our" house stuff and starting to Register! I can't believe there is so much to do, but its super fun!! We have no registered at Bed, Bath and Beyond, but will do other places a little closer to time. Let me tell you though, the scanner thingy is super cool and waaaaaaaayyyyyy to easy to use. HA!

We re also getting engagement photos on October 29th, just when the leaves start to change colors. I think we will be going to Historic Highland Avenue, downtown Birmingham. Seriously, I can't stop smiling thinking about it all!!!!!!!!! Okay, okay. Back to reality now.

Happy Friday!!

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