October 4, 2011


Wow, what a whirlwind of a weekend! I am so blessed to be marrying Stephen!! I can't wait to see what this journey will look like, and I am excited to see how we together can serve the Lord better.

So, the engagement story. I was thinking the engagement would happen on our one year anniversary-he threw me off! Friday night my good friend Lauren came in to town so the girls went to have a girls night and the boys were going to a movie-the robot wrestling one. So, I leave work (had a flu shot that day) and headed home to go to dinner. Heather and I headed to meet Lauren and Meredith at Taziki's and Wesley was getting off work to join us. We ate and had a merry ole time. We decided to go and get a Red box movie and head back to my mine and Hezzy's house to watch (Meredith said Amy Barrett was using their house). so, we proceed to red box where I take my precious time-suggesting we hit up two other red boxes since we didn't find anything we liked. Lauren very quickly shot down that suggestion and just get a movie (sorry, I didn't know Stephen was waiting). Let me back track a little and let you know Hezzy took my car to Old Navy to shop for a minute while we ran to red box. Meredith said she was going to text Hezzy to let her know where we were, but she texted me instead. The text was meant for Stephen. All it said was 5 minutes away, so of course I'm thinking she is texting Heather we are on our way back home in case she beat us there. Poor Meredith thought she ruined it. Not at all, things aren't obvious and don't add up til after everything was said and done.

Once we leave red box and head home, I get out of the car and Meredith drops her phone. Lauren stays back to help her and I walk to the door because I have dresses, food, purse, keys and phone all in my arms and I am going to put them down. So, I unlock the door and go to unlock the dead bolt and realize the dead bolt is unlocked (I remember watching Heather lock it) and open the door.

The first thing I see is Stephen's camera by our table going off, turn my head to the right and see Stephen in the middle of the room, candles on our coffee table and a beautiful large wooden box and posters of Europe displayed all over the room. I was so shocked and knew at that moment what was happening I stepped back out onto my porch and look back where Meredith and Lauren were (I cant see them because its so dark) and then step inside. Sweet Stephen called me to him and I immediately dropped all that I was holding and walked to him and hugged him. I was so excited and anxious and surprised he had to pull me off of him so he could ask me a question.

He then proceeded to say he loved me and "I can't wait any longer to do this". I said okay, he got down on one knee (I started crying) and asked me to marry him!!!!! I of course said yes!!! I could barely stand from it all so we sat down and he showed me the box saying he had another surprise. In the box was 8 letters he had written over the course of him planning our engagement (from asking my Dad, picking out the ring, etc). What a romantic! Then he asked if I could handle on more surprise. My family, his family and some of our friends were at his house waiting for us to come! My family and friends had known for weeks about our engagement and never spilled the beans! That's good, because I might have bugged some of them a lot!

I changed and we headed to his house where we were greeted by everyone with congratulations and best wishes! What an incredible night!!!

I am so excited to be marrying my best friend and love!! I am a blessed woman:)

Going to the chapel and were going to get married on MARCH 10th!!!!!!!!!!

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