December 5, 2012

A different kind of thanksgiving

A year and a half ago, while Stephen and I were still dating, we went on a trip to England to work with a wonderful church called Headley Park. I had been to England once, and he never. We worked with kids in primary school during their vacation bible school (Adventures).

Anyway, I had the privilege of having a host family in Bristol who were my age and such loving Godly people. From that week on, I had kept in touch with Matthew and Becca over email, Skype and Facebook. For over a year, we talked about them coming to visit us in the United States.

Then one day, it was decided. We picked Thanksgiving week for them to come! I was excited, nervous, anxious and extremely for them to come. I kept thinking "Will they really come?" "Will they like Birmingham?"  These thoughts kept turning in my head. Then, during lunchtime one day, I received a call from an English number. Becca and Matt had booked their flights to America! I basically lost it. I ran up and down my office hallway trying to find someone to tell the amazing news. They are coming, they are coming!

Well, fast forward a couple of months to November. The day they arrived I was in chaos. Frantically cleaning the house, making sure I had enough food in the house, etc.  9:45PM would never come...but it did. I spotted Becca and ran to her. The reunion so sweet. To hear their voices, to hug their necks, I was so thankful.

It was a wonderful week. We did loads of activities, spent time visiting and catching up and enjoying the gift of friendship. I am beyond grateful for the Lord blessing these relationships. Never in a million years would I have thought I would have such a close friendship to someone half way across the world. But for them, I am truly thankful.

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