April 17, 2013

April Birchbox

I have to admit, I was eager for my April Birchbox. I have been in desperate need of something fun in the mail to cheer me up. 

This month did not disappoint! 

This month's theme was tiny tweaks, big results! There was a card that came along about tiny tweaks - weekly face masks, night eye cream, 5 minutes in the sunshine - all can make a difference in how you look and feel. Sounds good to me!

The first item was the Atelier Orange Sanguine Cologne. It has a fresh tropical scent with blood orange, jasmine and geranium. I think this is my favorite scent that I have been sent yet from Birchbox. 

The next item was the Mirenesse glossy kiss lipstick. Its a thicker lip pencil that can be used on both lips and cheek. I love the color and can't wait to wear it out!

There was the Ojon total hair therapy that combats dullness and frizz - two things I need a lot of help with for my hair! 

I am blessed with fair and youthful skin so anti-aging cream typically doesn't do much for me, but I did like the Supergoop! anit-aging eye cream. It protects against the sun with its oat peptide complex to help firm the skin. 

The Last items were the Kusmi Tea Paris wellness essentials. I love tea so any kind makes me a happy girl. I  tried the Detox one this morning and LOVED its flavor. I will definitely be ordering some more of this stuff!

There was also a special bonus included this month for a subscription to Women's Health for $9.99. 

Happy Wednesday:)

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  1. It's so fun to see other's Birchboxes! I got something totally different in my box this month, the only thing we have similar is the eye cream. I'm your newest follower from the find + follow friday hop :)


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