April 1, 2013

Wall art {DIY}

Wanting a cute wall art DIY?

I was in the mood to make a cute wall art decoration for my guest bathroom. 
I got on Pinterest and found just what I was looking for that required little cost and materials I already had in my house. 

1. Toilet paper rolls/paper towel rolls
2. Canvas (any size)
3. Paint (any color)
4. Hot glue gun
5. Scissors

1. Grab your paper towel rolls and cut them 1/2 wide to make your petals. Make as many as you chose to create your design. 
2. Paint the inside and outside of each petal. I chose two of my favorite colors, brown and blue. 
3. Once dry, arrange in whatever order for your design. I arranged mine like little dancing people. (See it?)
4. Hot glue the back of each petal to the canvas.

It looks like little acrobatic people. :)

Wala! Easy 3 dimension art and it took no time at all.

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  1. Cute! What a great idea to just get on pinterest and find what you are looking for. I need to do the same thing!
    The How to Guru


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