April 5, 2013

Week 5 of Revolt

Last week, Stephen and I were on vacation so needless to say, we didn't follow our diet AT ALL. We also didn't exercise. Well, we did exercise some by paddle boarding and hiking, but not enough to make up for all the junk we ate. I have to admit, I had some tummy issues with all the rich food and carbs. My, er, potty breaks were more frequent and unpleasant. (sorry, too much TMI?)

This week though we have jumped back on the wagon. We have had a few slip ups (Chinese for my sisters birthday) but were trying our best to keep up with the meals plans from Revolt and the exercises. I am also trying to get back to speed on drinking water. I love water but after drinking pina coladas all last week, water is a bit of a let down. 

I'm somewhat sore getting back into the workouts too. All the squats have taken their toll on me this week, but it does feel good to get back to it. I like doing physical activity, and the 20 minute workouts are challenging and fast - two things I like in my exercise regimen. 

Last week I mentioned I'm not going to weight myself and you can see why here. I have no idea how much I gained from our vacation, and I feel relieved not knowing. Weighting myself made me so upset that I just decided its better not to know. Its just a number anyway, right? My goal: If I stay below a size 6 (right now I'm a true 4), then I am happy. I want to continue to gain muscle and lose the fat in my tush, hips, thighs (where I carry the majority of excess weight) I will be a happy camper.

I just realized too that I haven't taken any pictures of my body's changes (if any) from these past 5 weeks except right before I began. Maybe at the end of the 12 weeks I will take a picture and see the difference. I praying for some type of positive change!

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  1. Taking measurements and tracking your inches is sometimes more encouraging than watching the scale. Even if the scale doesn't change, sometimes your inches do. Keep it up! Found you on That Friday Blog Hop.

    Michiko @ www.theressomethingaboutmichiko.com


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