March 29, 2013

I'm done with the scale.

I've been very relieved this week that our scale is far away from us (it's in Alabama and were in Hawaii). Sounds strange I know, but do you know why?
Because I think scales are the meanest piece of equipment ever and no one should own them. My mood can be severely effected with the number that shows up. 

I get tempted by it sitting in the corner of our bathroom., It looks at me longing for me to step on and when I do, I feel like I am a complete and utter failure. 

Do you ever feel this way?

With our fitness program, Revolt, I have had great days and some terrible self loathing days. I've gained 6 pounds of water weight in one day (after our free day of eating whatever we want)  and been at a happy weight a couple days later. And it all has to do with a stupid number looking back at me.  

Well, I'm fed up. I'm not going to let that number control how I feel about myself. The number doesn't accurately reflect how I look or feel about my body. I need to love the person I am despite that larger or smaller number beneath my feet.

I loving that we are eating healthy and exercising. The Revolt workouts are great, eating clean is doing wonders for both the hubs and me, and my jeans are fitting better. I like looking in the mirror. So what if the scale says I haven't lost or up a pound or two? I am starting to see definition in my tummy, I am not craving bread and salt. I am working out without being exhausted and feeling invigorated afterwards. I am becoming a healthier me and I love that. 

Forget the scale. I'm taking a better and smarter approach to getting healthy and it doesn't have anything to do with those bright red numbers screaming at me. My body is happy that I am putting good fats, fruits, veggies, protein into it. Its loving that I'm gaining muscle weight instead of blubber. Im building it up instead of tearing it down. I am finally treating it like the temple God made it to be and Im very excited about it. 

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