May 20, 2013

A man and his farm

Ive mentioned before on the blog, but my Dad owns some property he inherited from his parents. On this property, Dad has built a small farm. He has grown lots of vegetables and fruits over the years, but what grows there now is mainly has citrus. Dad has well over a 300 blueberry bushes, satsumas trees (satsumas are like a mix between an orange and clementine) and lemon trees. It's really a remarkable place. 

My Dad loves his farm. We called it his hobby for years now, but it truly is his passion.  He loves practicing law, but one day his days as an attorney will end, he couldn't be more excited about retiring to the farm. 
He takes great pride in working the land, cultivating it and watching it grow. Anytime Stephen and I go to visit, we bring "farm" clothes, because at some point during our stay, we will be working there. 

There is a great story behind the farm too. My grandfather bought the land, some 80 acres, over 40+ years ago to hopefully sell to a subdivision. Well, that never happened and the land sat untouched for years. When my Dad picked up farming years ago, he took over the backyard. Eventually, my Mom said no more in her yard and my Poppy allowed Dad to expand to the farm. Over the course of 6 years, I've watched as trees were cut down, land cleared, a gazebo added, trees planted, equipment bought, fences built, a well added and plants planted. 

 My Mom and Dad spend every Saturday at the farm unless its raining at the farm.  My Dad and I were actually on the way to the farm a couple of weeks ago they day he got the call about my grandfather death.  My parents love being there and of course we kids and grand kids do too. I have the joy of  watching my nephews and nieces work alongside my Dad and I pray one day I will have my own to work alongside my Dad. I've learned to drive John Deere tractors, till land, plant trees and put out a lot of fertilizer these past few years. This farm, Chickamauga Farms as we call it, will eventually hold my parents home (they are going to build), my brothers house and hopefully a house for us other kids. Its were I want my kids to grow up.

Its more than a piece of land, its a place where memories have been made and future stories to be told. Its a place where I will remember my Poppy picking blueberries, where my Mom enjoys her daily walks, where my Dad taught us to weave tomatoes, where we enjoy family picnics. To Dad and us, its a little piece of heaven. 

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  1. The farm sounds amazing! I think it is an awesome family tradition to help work there.

  2. What a touching story, and beautiful pictures!


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