May 23, 2013

Sitting still?

The past two weeks have been great, but not.  Confusing? Let me clarify. 

As you know, I have been babysitting for several months now and absolutely LOVE it. I love not having to go to my corporate job everyday, driving an hour each way and dealing with some not so fun issues. I love spending my day with kids outside playing, singing, dancing and having a ball. 

This week and last however have been a little dull. I haven't had a babysitting job everyday (just based on  parents needs) and I have been super duper BORED. I am not one to sit around and do nothing. On the days I have been off, I have cleaned out and  cleaned up but here is only so much TV I can watch before I get a headache from it and only so much laundry two people can make. I have read every book in the house and fiddled with everything in my home. And sadly, the grass only needs to be cut once a week. 

Hot enough for water playing. 

I mentioned my dilemma to the hubs last night and his response helped so much! He pointed out that I get re-energized and am happiest when I am busy and with friends - so he suggested I pick up a hobby or someone part time outside of babysitting and make plans more often with friends. Simple yet genius. I have been craving other adult companionship during the day and needing a reason to get out of the house. I guess I just needed someone else to tell me its okay to get out and do stuff.

Austen and his water stick. 

Each day my schedule is different and I love it. I love my sweet families and kids I watch after and wouldn't trade it - I just need to find some other activities to keep me busy on my off days - and maybe exercise more!

Thomas taking his lunch break outside and eager to get back playing. 

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