May 2, 2013

Cara Box {April}

This post is about a week late (whoops) but I finally have a minute to sit down and write it.

Cara Box

I got my Cara Box this month from Laura over at My Life South of the Mason Dixon and loved her sweet gifts. This past months theme was going green and man was it a genius idea. My hubby and I have been doing clean eating for about a month and so this came at the perfect time.

Laura sent a reusable fruit/veggie bag which is wonderful - I go weekly to the farmers market so this will be perfect to carry my healthy items in.

She also sent "green" notebooks to use - I always carry a notepad in my purse and I was about to go get a new one (again, perfect timing!)

I received a cilantro growing kit and Zinnia seeds for my backyard garden.

I got really excited over the J.R. Watkins all natural hand soap. I have had this soap at a friends house once and loved it and wanted it since then - and now I finally have it! Its fresh smelling and leaves my hands super soft. 

Thanks again Laura for my adorable April Cara Box!!!

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