July 17, 2013

Clean Living | The Honest Company

When I started searching for Clean Living household products I had some difficulty. I was finding products, but some I wasn't so crazy about- they either smelled great and didn't clean well or made me want to gag. 
Finally, I stumbled upon The Honest Company from a Sponsored Ad on Facebook (of all places). I clicked on their link and fell in love. 

The company was started by Jessica Alba who was looking for non toxic products for her daughters. Having trouble finding anything decent as well, she started her own line of safe, body, baby and bathroom products that are never health compromising chemicals and compounds.

I ordered a sample pack of their products and was elated!

I now have a subscription where I can bundle products I want and have them ship when I want and save money. Pretty sweet. Oh, and they also donate diapers from every ordered placed. Even better.

Some of my favorite products have been:

The Shampoo+body wash
Toilet cleaner
Multi-purpose cleaner
Body lotion
Laundry detergent ( not pictured, just finished and ordered new one)

I use these products every day in my home and feel great using them. They aren't loaded with risky chemicals that most companies don't think twice about adding to our products. 

Give them a try and see what you think. 

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  1. This is awesome! i'm going to have to look into this company! :-)


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