July 16, 2013

Last week chaos & dogs

Last week I was again MIA from blogland but not because I just wanted a break like two weeks ago. No, last week Stephen and I house and dog sat for a family while they were on vacation. We were back and forth between their house and ours and I was slammed with babysitting jobs as well. I'm not used to taking care of animals normally and these pooches needed lots and LOTS of attention. They were diva dogs.

At one point during the week, one of the dogs escaped while we were gone to bible study and I flipped my lid.  We searched the streets calling for him, checking the fenced in back yard where he had been, knocked on neighbors doors, calling the animal shelters and vets near and still no sign of the dog. After an hour of calling for him, I heard a girl say she found a lost dog two hours ago. I ran to meet her and it was our dog. I was so relieved and swore right then and there I was not a animal person and I'm never owning a pet. 

I am glad I got a weekend at home to catch up on life, do laundry and grocery shopping. 
Not to mention I actually got to spend some time with my husband this weekend since I didn't get to much during our house-sitting week. 

Back to normal life. :)

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  1. Whew! I'm sitting in a house right now petsitting for three dogs! I can't wait to have my own though. So glad you found the runaway!

  2. I freak out enough when I think my own cats get out. I can't imagine the stress of someone's else pet getting out!


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