July 15, 2013

Morning routines

Honestly, I really don't have a set  routine anymore. It went out the door the day I quit my full time job. On days like this, where I don't have babysitting or have to wake up early, I roll out of bed, walk to the kitchen, make breakfast and pack Stephen's lunch. 

Its my favorite kind of morning. There is no rush, no time I have to leave the house by. Its just me working in the kitchen readying for the day. Its quiet and peaceful. 

Stephen wanders out from the shower and we sit and enjoy our meal together. We chat about things we plan to do today, our dinner plans with our small group and other whatnot's. 

Its a simple morning "routine", but I am thankful for it each and every morning. 

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  1. How beautiful! I would love the ability to have a slow morning routine and enjoy breakfast with my love.


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