June 7, 2013

blueberries & weddings

Today I am heading home to my parents for one of my college roommates wedding! I love it when one of my friends gets married from college, because its a reunion for all of us to get together, dance and have a great time! 

The bride (pic from Sophomore year of college)

The Broun Girls (our groups nickname named after our dorm. Sophomore year of college). 
We were babies!

 My hubs is staying behind in Birmingham because he is photographing another friends wedding, BUT my good friend Kate is coming down with me to Mobile. I am so glad to  have someone to make the 4 hour trek down with me. :)

This weekend begins blueberry season too, so it wont be a completely relaxing weekend because we need to pick tons of them! Don't worry though, I will eat plenty whilst I pick and it wont make it so tedious. 

I am feeling rather exhausted too from the busy week  and I am still having trouble still with my pinched nerve on my right hand. Hopefully, it will be fine to do a lot of picking tomorrow. 

Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. I hope you have an amazing weekend celebrating your friend's wedding. :-)


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