June 18, 2013

Dating other couples

Title sound weird? I'm sure it does, but for those of yall married people out there it might ring a bell. I talked last week on why its important to continue dating your spouse, but having other married couple dates can be just as difficult/awful as dating while single. 

When Stephen and I first married, most of our friends were still single. We were adjusting to a new life of married living while our friends were still hanging out all the time and able to do anything at a moments notice. Not so much the case when you get married. We also live far away, so being able to change plans isn't easy for us. Plus, being the only married couple at a hangout just feels wrong. 

We started searching  for other couple to "date" quickly. We found out that it is extremely difficult for couples to mesh well together.  If liked the wife, he didn't like the husband or vise versa. We also didn't want it to be uncomfortable for the husband of one couple to feel weird around the other couples wife. This weirdness is just awful and should be avoided at.all.cost.

We were blessed shortly thereafter with a small group of couples that were perfect for us. The dating stages for some of them lasted a little longer than others, but all in all we are great together. 

We lucked out this time around but we know that it isn't always easy to find good couple friends where both spouses get along with everyone.

I'm sure we will face the horror of having to date other new couples when a couple moves or babies enter the picture, but for now, I am so so so glad to be past the awkward dating stage with them. :)

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  1. I know exactly how you feel! I wrote on the same topic today expect we have a four year old and yes we are all three affected! I hope it gets easier! Wideospaces.blogspot.com

  2. Augh, this is such a stressful thing. My hubby and I are trying to find couple friends and it's always that he likes the husband or I like the wife. We just can't seem to find couples where we like both of them. Someday... :-)


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