June 6, 2013

From corporate world to play time

My life has changed dramatically in the past 5 months. My days used to be filled with business attire, meetings, appointments, spreadsheets, phone calls, messaging, and more spreadsheets. 

Now my days consist of sweat clothes, snack times, playgrounds, pools, tea parties, monster truck races, dirty diapers and runny noses. Instead of taking meeting notes, I help use finger paints to create beautiful pictures for mommies. 

I kiss a lot of boo boo's, hug a lot of necks, drink a lot of fake drinks and eat a lot of fake foods. I no longer have to meet deadlines, I no longer have a designated lunch break. I don't sit behind a desk 9 hours a day anymore, I only sit at the library for story time.

I am constantly on my toes, chasing after an infant or 4 year old. I'm ready to take a nap at 1:00 but ready to do all the madness all over again tomorrow.

I'm no longer in corporate America and now just Mrs. Clara who comes to play.

I love my job and grateful The Lord has allowed me to be a a stay a stay at home wife and nanny.

I don't miss the corporate world one bit and love being able to help out my sweet families. Isn't life to be enjoyed anyway?

I am forever grateful to my husband as well. He is encouraging, supportive and
Loving in my new role. I don't think he minds my happier demeanor too and the fact that the house is always cleaned before he gets home.

I hope and pray that I am lucky enough to be a Mom one day, but until then, I think I've got a pretty awesome gig helping other moms and dads out.


  1. I'm so glad you are loving your new job!

  2. Life is to be enjoyed and I think it's awesome that you're enjoying your non-corporate life so much. I know I would!!


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