June 12, 2013

Clean Living l Household Products {Guest Post}

Hi everyone, I am Holly and I blog over at The Oklahoma Peppler's. I am so excited to be here today sharing some of my favorite clean living products with you. I was so excited when Clara asked me to host today. I have been slowly easing in to the idea of clean living (I wasn't as brave as Clara, just taking a huge leap into it, and I admire her so much for that) and had a million ideas in my head when Clara asked me to write something. But today, after much thought, I have decided to share some of my favorite products with you.

On my journey through clean living I found the hardest part has been finding products that I love. Friends and fellow bloggers have been great with suggestions and I have tried many new products. However, if there is one thing I don't like it is spending money on a product you think is going to be good only to find you hate it. I hope that today I can help you find at least one new product that is "clean" and you love!

Before I begin, I should say that none of these companies know who I am and all the below products that I use have been purchased by me.


If you haven't heard of Lush, you should certainly go check them out. They make all sorts of great lotions, bath, shower, and body products. One of the awesome things about Lush is that they are very open about what their products are made with. The label's on their bottles are clear, they can even tell you if something is vegan or not. The company also puts a little sticker on each product with a picture of who made it and on what date. So not only do you know that the product is fresh but you know that it was made by a person and not a machine. Right now my two favorite products are their dry shampoo called No Drought and  their Geo Phyzz bath bomb. The dry shampoo has a great smell but in full disclosure, it is a little messy. I recommend using it while still in your PJ's so you don't cover your clothes in white dust.

|JR Watkins|

I am loving JR Watkins hand soap right now. You could say my husband is a bit of a germaphobe. He washes his hands all of the time. He actually had been using hand sanitizer like crazy. I had to do something about it, his hands were getting dried out and I was spending a small fortune on hand sanitizer!

I stumbled across JR Watkins in the grocery store one day and will admit I first picked it up based on its packaging. When I got home I did a little research and the only ingredient that I suppose isn't very clean would be the sulfates. I will let you make your own call on this but I have yet to find a soap that my husband is okay with that doesn't have sulfates. If he doesn't see a lot of suds he doesn't feel like his hands are getting clean and he just resorts back to hand sanitizer.

In the end, JR Watkins hand soap has great scents and they use essential oils for that and I love it. The soap leaves your hands soft and clean as well so you can't really beat that.

|BPA Free Water Bottle|

My husband and I drink A LOT of water and tea. One of the best things I have found since starting our clean eating journey is that a BPA free water bottle is important. We personally like the Camelback brand any kind will do. I have heard a lot of terrible things about water bottles being left in the car on a hot summer day and all the chemicals that leach into your water. Plus this way we spend way less money on something that we can just be getting from our tap or refrigerator filter anyway! Not to mention they come in tons of colors and designs and you can even find ones that will keep your drink cold for up to 6 hours!

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