June 11, 2013

Why I don't do Ad Spaces & Sponsorship

I've been back and forth of selling ad spaces and sponsorship. I know a ton of blogs out there do this and really enjoy it. I definitely am not trying to persuade you one way or the other, or say that one is right or wrong - this is what I decided was best for me and my blog. 

Months ago, I made the decision that I would not purchase an ad space on anyone's blog. I had quit my job and didn't have as much disposable cash flow as I had previously, so paying $20.00 for one months ad space on a blog was out of the question.  Besides, most everyone's blogs I followed did free swaps, so that worked for me. 

At some point, I had lots of people encouraging me to add my own sponsorship page to help me grow my blog. I felt like to be a "real" blogger, I needed to do this. From the very first moment having the sponsorships and swaps, I disliked it. I felt guilty if I didn't have the time to invest in it and that if I took it off my blog wouldn't be desirable to read or follow. 

After a couple of weeks of contemplation and prayer, I took off the sponsorships and only left the free swap ads. I wasn't having much traffic with it and I was fine with free swaps since people didn't have to pay for it.

Then, just last week, I took swaps off completely too. 

I know many people love these spots and can handle them. Again, I don't mean to be stepping on any toes over this topic but ads on my own personal blog were not for me. I felt like it was taking away what my blog was about and I was getting caught up in a popularity contest. 

I also felt like it  was pulling me away from why I blogged in the first place. With my schedule how it is now, I am hardly ever by a computer and often on have a minute to sit down and my favorite blogs, much less maintaining something that was causing stress. 

I think swaps and sponsorships are great for people wanting to grow their blogs and get great exposure on larger blogger pages. For me though, I was getting caught up in the rat race, forgetting where I wanted to be.

I realize I will never have a massive blog following, or be a blogger everyone knows, but I am okay with that. My goal is to share Christ, my ups and downs of life and marriage and offer encouragement to you. I so appreciate all of my followers and you have given me great happiness. 

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  1. Good for you for being honest and following your heart! My sponsorships are over as well (after my booked spots end).

    It is VERY tiresome and I felt like it was just making me worry about a lot of things I didn't want to focus on either (:

  2. Kuddos to you! I think once we all find our niche, we then try to still look for contentment. Once I stopped sponsorships I had a lot of free time to actually think about promoting meaningful inspiration :) I support you and your space 100%, not for the sponsorships but because of you!

  3. Good for you, girlie! I personally LOVE ad spaces on my blog because I adore helping other bloggers grow and gaining friendships along the way. I know this is not for everyone at all and there very well may reach a point where it's not for me either. I think we all need to know what we can do and why we are doing it. :-)

  4. Completely respectable to be following the path that is right for you. :)


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