May 14, 2012

Average day at the office...or something like that

Team building. If you can tell me how going to the shooting range is team building I will give you 5 bucks.

Friday my work team headed to Steel City for some "team building" aka shooting lots and lots of high powered rifles, hand guns, semi automatics, etc.

 I was the first one to try. Thankfully, we had some great coaching! From our CEO and VP no less.

 I learned to load several types of guns. The more I shot, the more efficient I got.

 I was the first person to hit inside the diamond. BA-HAM.

This picture is meant to intimidate. OK, not really but I thought it was a cool shot. Besides, how can I intimidate when the font and letters on this page is green and cute?!  

The girls who dominated!

Me with our CEO and a handgun.
Me, CEO, riffle.

Just another day's hard work at the office.

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