May 11, 2012

A walk in the park

Yesterday Catherine and I went to walk during our lunch break at Aldridge Park. Hooray! It was a perfect day - absolutely stunning Sunshine, light breeze and upper 70's. We put on our tennis shoes and headed to enjoy our stroll. Upon entering the park, we saw a sale on hydrangeas. You can use the sweet wagon to load your plants to your car.

The park was FILLED with hydrangeas.

My absolute favorite flowers!

We met some geese and their babies along the way.

And enjoyed the magnolias too.

It was a lovely walk. I think this must be a weekly occurrence. I'm also a little bummed I couldn't purchase any flowers (mainly because my yard - front and back - receive too much sun and not enough shade for these flowers). That's okay, I can visit them at Aldridge park any ole time :)

Happy Friday everyone! I'm leaving shortly to go the gun range. Yup, GUN RANGE. I'm sure I will have stories about it later...

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