May 15, 2012

A step back in to reality

It's funny how little small everyday occurrences calmly nudge (or sometimes slap) you back to what is really important.

Yesterday we got a call from the auto collision place that has had my car for two weeks (we were in an accident on Hwy 280 - got rear ended and push into another car) and praise the Lord we are fine. However, my car suffered some damage and was totalled.

When Stephen called me and told me the news, I cried a bit. This car was my first car, the one my parents lovingly gifted me for my 16th birthday.

I was angry and frustrated about the situation. I wanted MY car,  I didn't want to purchase a new car, and I didn't chose to be in this situation in the first place. I was just plain upset.

Thankfully, I calmed down and realized that my Mom, Stephen and I who were in the wreck were safe, as well as the driver who hit us and the girl we hit. Cars are replaceable, lives are not.

Today, during a discussion at lunch, I realized truly how blessed I am and how petty my attitude has been. We talked about a wonderful co-worker and his 10 day stint in the Ukraine working for an orphanage and with the kids who have nothing - nothing by our standards at least. They don't get the luxuries we receive everyday - a job, a car, a warm/hot bath, enough food.  And yet here I was feeling sorry for myself. It's a bit sickening.

So, before you get mad at your car because its being finicky, or because your Starbucks latte isn't quite sweet enough (yup, I've neen unhappy about that before), remember that you are blessed. God had put us in a wonderful position of reaching NATIONS with the gifts He has allowed us to have. Gifts of wealth to spread to those who lack food, gifts of resources to translate His word into other languages, gifts of prayer for our brothers and sisters, gifts of traveling to do missions, and gifts of jobs to share the gospel with those around us.

God is our everything. Only in Him do we find eternal joy, peace, love, grace, humility.

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  1. Amen! Thanks for sharing this Clara. We all have our struggles, but nothing compared to those who wonder what or when they will eat again.


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