May 7, 2012

Wreath and door decorations {DIY}

This past Friday night, while Stephen went to see The Avengers with the guys (It has had rave reviews, so if you haven't seen it, go see it), I decided I was was going to have a craft night. I popped in a movie, sat on the floor with my dinner and prepared to be messy!

After work, I ran to Jo Ann's and picked up 3 types of burlap, 2 plastic wreaths, flowers and magnets. (The magnets will come into play in another blog posting).
I didn't get to make everyone I wanted, and only worked on 2 things out of like 5.
First, I grabbed a wreath and some fake flowers. I LOVE hydrangea's, so of course that had to be my flower of choice for the wreath. I pulled the flowers off the stems and placed them on the wreath so I could determine the look.

Then, I used my hot glue gun to attach them to the wreath. Simple, right? I want to add our house numbers to the other side of the wreath, but forgot to purchase those - so I will add that next time I run to Michael/Hobby Lobby/Jo Ann's. I didn't cover the entire wreath with flowers, but that is definitely something you can do. Fake flowers can be expensive without coupons, so make sure to purchase only the amount you are comfortable with. A $10.00 project can easily turn into a $30.00 project with more flowers.
And bam! An easy, simple craft that makes my front door look ready for summer! Again, you can add anything you want. An initial, house numbers, a bow or whatever you like to complete your wreath.

The next project was with burlap. Again, I bought like 8 yards, so I plan to do lots more projects.You've probably seen these burlap hangers on people's door during football season. I wanted to experiment first with one.  I first folded the burlap and cut 2 pieces in a circular form. It took about 1/3 yard of burlap for this. The I used a stapler and stapled all around the edges to combine the two pieces. I left an opening so I could stuff plastic bags to fluff the burlap up when finished painting.

I them painted the top with acrylic paint. Make sure to have something underneath the burlap (the paint will bleed thru).

I then free-handed the S and Schoen. Pretty bad, I know. I will use a stencil next time. I added the plastic bags inside the burlap and stapled the opening closed.  You can use a wire or cut up a coat hanger to hang it over your front door.

I will be working on some later - and hopefully they will look MUCH cuter! Oh well, got to start somewhere. I still had a blast with it!

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