May 17, 2012

Who wants some Broadway?!

I want some Broadway. And thankfully so does my office mate.
So, the story. My Mom, Aunt Carol and I have been season ticket holders for the last 2 years for Broadway in Birmingham. Well, sadly, Mom and my aunt didn't want to renew tickets. And, I would feel bad dragging Stephen to some of the plays (sorry hun I made you watch Billy Elliott the movie - wouldn't DREAM of dragging you to it LIVE, but your always a good sport).

Anyway, lo and behold - CATHERINE. You want to get season tickets with me?!?! Her answer: of course. Sah-weet.

So, whilst driving to grab us some Starbucks coffee to fill my minor addiction (only finding out as we get inside that my grand plan of getting us the half off deal has expired, so we went to Yogurt Mountain instead), we called and ordered our tickets!

I am so pumped about this season and a new buddy to come along. :)

2012-2013 season, watch out. We're a comin!

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