May 7, 2012

Cinco de Mayo

My Cinco de Mayo was a superb.

Stephen cooked breakfast (pancakes and eggs) and we sat out on our patio and enjoyed the morning. Eating outside reminded me of our honeymoon (we ate b-fast outside almost everyday).

Then we headed to our neighborhood pool and laid out. I stayed a bit longer that Stephen (sorry you don't like laying out babe, it can be boring I know) and now I have a nice healthy glow. Beat it pale skin!

I came home from the pool and took a short nap. Naps are good. Naps are great. I should take a nap everyday! Hemm, anyway, Stephen and I headed to the airport to pick up Morgan. She had gone to London and brought back some treats - Cadberry chocolate! Can you say YUM?! Thanks for the gifts girl - I can't wait to try the English tea.

Shortly thereafter, Stephen and I headed to meet our friends Polly and Jon Morris at Brio in Brookwood Mall. Walking to Brio we enjoyed some music provided by the neighboring restaurant.  
After our dinner with friends, Stephen and I headed to Samford University to listen to the Alabama Symphony Orchestra play John Williams music (the guy who wrote Star Wars, ET, Harry Potter, Jaws, Indiana Jones, etc theme music).

We had fabulous seats and loved the music!

A wonderful day spent with my hubs!

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  1. Naps are great
    Naps are good
    Naps are best right after food
    By these naps
    We all are blessed
    Give us Lord
    Our daily rest



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