May 9, 2012

My mad photography skills ;)

My sweet hubby loves loves LOVES photography. I'm interested in trying my hand at photography and so Stephen  took me out for a shoot. Man, it is hard!! There is so stinking much to it!! I only learned a couple of things (slow learner here) and definitely have a long way to go before I master it. I used my works camera (nothing as cool as SMS's camera, but it had to do). We ventured over to Samford. I like things in focus with blurred backgrounds.

A face.

A hand.

My ring.

And again.

A bush branch.

Handsome hubby. (Thanks for letting me borrow your lens for this one)
Ring times 3. 

A flower.  

I had so much fun shooting and excited about getting better at it. It will take some time - thanks for the patience hun.

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