December 6, 2012

Date nights

Numerous people in my life (and Stephen's for that matter) have always told me, continue to date your husband...and I have found this to be very good advice (even in only 9 months of marriage). I'm sure this will be even more important in years to come with children, hectic schedules and when the "honeymoon" stage is over.

One day i had an "ah ha" moment and decided to make a date night list. On our refrigerator at home, is the list of places around town to visit, eat, etc. for date night. Everything has a dollar sign(s) next to it, letting us chose an expensive(r) night or something like a movie at the park with popcorn. I have seen similar "lists" on Pinterest since then where people write a date on a Popsicle stick and pull it out of a jar. Same concept, same awesome idea.

I love when Stephen asks to take me out and has it all planned. Makes a girl swoon. :)

(Double) date night with our friends listening to stories told by a group called ArcLight. Definitely a winner night.

Happy Thursday.

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