December 12, 2012

Life as an aunt

 I am an 9 precious kids! Did I just say 9?! Yup.

These squirts range all the way from 4 months to age 10. The funny thing is, I still having a sibling who isn't married and one married set without kids at the moment. And the siblings with kids still want more!

Well, today is one of my nephews birthday. He is 6. And he is the first one to make me an aunt. I know what your thinking - I just mentioned there is a 10 year old. Yes, well, I "inherited" 4 of them when I married Stephen from his sister.

Andrew is the child who made me an aunt. I was a sophomore in college finishing up my winter finals. I had one semester day left before I flew out to Arizona to see the little guy and his parents. I will never forget that phone call. It all felt so surreal, like I was in a movie. My Mom who was out in AZ helping my sister and brother in-law called and told me Andrew had arrived. I ran up my dorm room hall yelling with excitement!

I flew out that next morning and met the baby who stole my heart. He has been a blessing everyday since and I am smitten with his charm. Add to it, I live in the same city now as my buddy (and his 2 little brothers too).  Of all the titles I hold - wife, sister, daughter, friend, cousin, etc. - aunt is right at the top!

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