December 30, 2012

New Year Party Decorations {DIY}

New Years Eve. Hanging out, reminiscing on the past year, and being with friends to kick off the new year right. What more could you love?!

My most memorable new years eve was spent with some college friends in Times Square. It was one of the coolest nights ever I will remember it always.

This year, were going to be more low key, but I want to help make it just as memorable - and without breaking the bank. Here are some cute ideas from Pinterest to decorate the house with and help get in the spirit!

Before packing up the tree, grab some ornaments and fill them with candy or popcorn kernels. These make the perfect noise makers to ring in the new year. You can add glitter to make it more festive.
Guests can roast marshmallows since its finally chilly outside :)

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Simple decorations around the house using construction paper and old wine corks to add a countdown.

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Keep Calm and Kiss Me at Midnight in a picture frame in the entryway.

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Gather all clocks around the house to decorate on your food table.

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Happy almost 2013! I am thankful for you all!

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  1. Great ideas! I especially like the first one for noise makers :)

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