December 14, 2012

Wedding weekend for my friend!!

Today and tomorrow are going to be special because one my dear friend is getting married! My precious Kristina is a bride to be!

Kris and I go way back. Our history together started off in elementary school in Mobile where our love for beanie babies (who doesn't love these little guys) and other such cuteness sprang. We went to separate middle and high schools but became good friends again late high school at youth group. We ended up both going to Auburn University (Can I get a war eagle?!!!) where we roomed together for 3 years.

And both our jobs led us Birmingham, to roommates again right before I got married, to our engaged and married small group.

What a blessing this chick has been in my life. She has always been a constant, a loving friend, an encourager, someone who makes you have a good ole belly laugh, the BEST story teller ever, and a beautiful example of a Godly woman!
College roommates (Disclaimer: the drawn in girl is real, just not in this picture)

Dorm mates sophomore year. We went all out for Halloween! If you can't tell, I'm Belle from Beauty and the Beast.
Me and Kris junior year of college at our apt. ready for a Christmas party

Birmingham Halloween 2 years ago. Only a couple of weeks after I had met Stephen.

On my wedding day. I could not have imagined it without her.
To all the brides out there, best wishes and enjoy the plannign and the day. It goes by so quickly. Enjoy those too who joyful stand next to you. They turly are the best.

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