January 24, 2013

30 Second Thursday {Vlog Linkup} #3

30 Second Thursdays

Last week's Vlog's were so funny - such cute ladies out there. :) You can check them all out here. It's so fun to "get to know" these women through their blogs, but hearing them and really seeing them is the icing on the cake. The three lovely hostesses - Kaitlyn, Hallie, and Samantha's question was (drum roll please).....

What is the WORST present you've ever received?

Thanks for checking out this week's Vlog!
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  1. O my..that's really strange! Did you know who it was from? Wonder what their thought process was or maybe not! ha! :)

  2. lol that's hilarious. i need to get in on this link up sometime soon! I love hearing everyone's answers :)

  3. hahahhahaha love it! I cannot wait to see the stuff my grandparents come up with for our wedding presents. It's always the worst gifts ever;)

  4. I seriously just laughed out loud. A bunny tea set? I bet it was a re-gift by the sounds of that busted box hahahaha.

    Check out my vlog! bear-yexcitedbride.blogspot.com

    Oh and I am now following you! I love your accent and your vlog... it looks professional. Yah!

  5. that would have made an EXCELLENT white elephant gift!

  6. I feel like someone on ebay would have loved that tea set.
    Probably been waiting on it for years! Hahah.


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