January 8, 2013

First Things First

First Things First
Hello all! The talented and lovely Hallie and Halie are doing a link up called First Things First!

So here's the deal  - there will be a different "firsts" every week. I am OBSESSED with this idea. I love learning new things about people - especially about my favorite bloggers!
It will be awkward, funny, weird, random and embarrassing firsts.
So grab the button off their page, spread the word, and link up with Hallie at Life:Oceanside and Halie from Penguins, Pasta and Polka Dots.
The questions:

What was your first Job?
My first job was the summer of 10th grade and I worked at a uniform store. (Thrilling, I know). I begged my parents for a summer job and a friends parents owned the store. I remember going in and interviewing. I think they asked me all of 5 questions and then proceeded to talk golf with me for the next hour (my sister and dad both played in college and the owners knew this).
Thankfully, I got the job and started a couple days later.
I liked helping people, but felt uncomfortable when I knew people who came in and had to measure their waist lines for their clothing. Especially boys I knew - and cute boys I had crushes on.
It was a good first job. :)

First Car?
Oh, my sweet first car. My wonderful parents gifted me a 2003 Corolla in 2002 for my 16th birthday. I LOVED that car. Seriously, it was my baby.
I was so proud of it and thought my parents were insane for giving a beginner driver a brand new car. Yea, not going to happen with my kiddos.
I drove it all the way through college and up until a month after we got married.
My mom, husband and I were going to church one day when a kid slammed into the back of my car and pushed us into the curb and SUV in front of us. Thankfully, no one was hurt.
But my sweet car bit the dust.
I  cried when we went to the impound lot to collect some remaining items from it.
 My baby had been with me for 10 years and treated me so well.
I now have a new car, but I smile every time I see a similar Corolla on the road.

First Date?
Is it bad that I don't really recall my first date? I wasn't allowed to date until 16 and even then, it was more group dates/hangouts.
However, I do remember my first date in college. The guy was a friend of my roommates and really nice, but  I didn't want to go, and felt bad for saying no to the poor guy.
Looking back, I should have just said no because I did something horrible - I brought my best friend on the date!
Yea, awkward.
When he called to let me know he was on his way to pick me up, I casually mentioned my friend was coming.
Dead silence.
The shock on this kids face when he came to get me was priceless.But graciously, he took us BOTH to dinner.
And paid for us 2 ladies. Which was really nice considering what I had done to him.
Needless to say, I wasn't asked out again by him.


  1. hahahaha I love first date stories, I pulled the mean card on my first date too:):) you were much nicer than i was!

    We were sooo lucky to get brand new cars, you are right, definitely not doing that with my babies!
    at least you took care of yours;) I am the exact reason I will not do what my parents did for me!

    thanks for linking up love;)

  2. My parents were strict/hovering when I grew up - I also couldn't go out on actual dates without friends or groups (and I was lucky if I could go even then, but I won't fill up this comment with that story). I can relate to your embarrassment about that date. I know you were in college when that happened, but we've been raised certain ways then I guess it takes a while to shake certain rules off.

  3. That was definitely so very nice of your parents to give you a brand new car! I'm sure I wont' be as generous to my children when the time comes ;)

    But your first date story is so funny! At least he was nice and still paid for both of you. I'm sure that was so awkward and weird though, for all three of you!!

    Thanks for linking up with us :)

  4. I would have cried about the car, too. I have a 2006 Honda Civic that I bought brand new, and I love this car. She's about to be 7 years old. It's interesting how much we attach memories to things, cars definitely being one of them. :)

    And my kids will not be getting a brand new car, either. And (gasp!) if my kids are close in age, they will share a car, which is almost unheard of now!

    Have a great day!

    Gayle | Grace for Gayle

  5. I love your first date story! They can be soooo awkward!

  6. That's an awesome first date story!!! What a trooper!!


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