January 22, 2013

First Things First #3

First Things First

Hiya! My third week of First Things First and I'm still Obessed with these questions! I love hearing other people who link up with Halie and Hallie with their stories.
So here's the deal - there is a  different "firsts" every week.
 It will be awkward, funny, weird, random and embarrassing firsts.

If you missed my other two posts, you can check them out here and here.
Ok, so this weeks questions:
First Thing I Do When I Get Home From Work:
Well, now that I'm unemployed and living the dream, as they say, my routine has changed drastically. I used to hang my purse up, walk into our bedroom and collapse on the bed. Anybody else do that? Anybody?  Bueller? Bueller?
First Pet:
Why did this question just make me tear up? I had two sweet dogs as my first pets - Midnight and Spooky. One was a Lab and the other a Cocker Spaniel - and Oh.MY. Word. were they the sweetest pups in all the land. The were both black as night (hence, their adorable names) and loving fellas.
I think I was four or five when my parents okayed a dog. But only one. Except, you know how it goes, with 4 kids in the family and a sweet softy for a Mom, we walked away with two. I was in the 5th grade when Midnight got hit by a car and in 8th grade when Spooky died of old age.
My parents got a Golden Retriever, Darcy,  after Midnight died so Spooky would have a friend. They were good buddies. Darcy is still alive and kickin it at my parents. We have always had great luck with amazingly sweet and gentle pups.
First Cell Phone:
Oh the good ole days with the 5 pound phone that looks like a walkie talkie. Yea, no I totally didn't have one of those suckers. How old do you think I am anyway?!
I had a basic AT&T ugly little thing when I started driving at 16. My Mom and dad got it for me to call them when I got to school and when I left.
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  1. I had one of those Samsung silver flip phones, but sadly that was like my 4th cell phone. My first cell phone was a clunky Nokia, like the real big one.

  2. Your dogs really do sound so loving and sweet! And I talked about our old Golden Retriever we used to have! Sadly, we don't have him anymore, but we loved that guy to pieces! Thanks for linking up with us again!!

  3. I did have the 5 pound cell phone as my first one, because I am that old! Ha! :)

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  5. You are so cute! I LOVE that elephant picture! My parents has the big cell phone and I took it to school and thought I was so.incredibly cool! Well I kinda was back then bc no one had cell phones! Did you see my new blog design, huh, huh? I totally want you to guest blog next week!

    1. Summer, I saw it and it looks AMAZING!! I am floored! Yes, I would love love love to guest post. Email me what you want me to do:)PS, your package is in the mail - be on the lookout!!

  6. oh my goodness can't believe you found a picture of your first cell phone...that's awesome! It's so crazy how much they've changed so fast.


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