January 15, 2013

First Things First #2

First Things First
Hello all! It's the second installment of First Things First. Last week, I joined the link up with some precious ladies - Halie at Penguins, Pasta and Polka Dots and Hallie from Oceanside and shared some of my firsts.
The deal - there will be a different "firsts" every week. 
 It will be awkward, funny, weird, random and embarrassing firsts.
The Questions:
First thing I wanted to be when I grew up:
A princess. Specifically, Belle from Beauty in the Beast. I think mainly because I liked her songs above any other Disney Princesses. That Cinderella chick, no thanks - I don't like mice!
First time I flew on a plane:
Sheesh, that's actually a hard one. I can't remember my first flight, but I do recall the first time I flew by myself. I was 15, and my Mom and Dad let me fly to my aunt and uncles in Florida. I was TERRIFIED but of course I couldn' tell them that - here I was thinking I was big and bad flying all by my lonesome - and thru the Atlanta airport too!
*To my future children - no - you aren't allowed to fly by yourself until your 25. Your grandpa and KK were nuts to let me do this. The answer is still no - quit asking.
First CD I owned:
Oh yeaaaaa boy! My first and BEST CD eva eva was SPACE JAM! You heard me right, I rocked out to that soundtrack. I loved me some Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan. Be jealous.
Happy Tuesday!
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  1. I so loved the Disney princesses, and Space Jams is my jam! How can you not dance when Quad City DJ's break it down?
    Everybody get up, it's time to slam now
    We got a real jam goin' down
    Welcome to the Space Jam
    Here's your chance, do your dance at the Space Jam, alright

  2. Being a princess sounds awesome, but being a Disney princess sounds even better! And actually, by boyfriend and were just watching some of "Beauty and the Beast" on my lunch break just now! Crazy! Also, Space Jam seems like an excellent first CD! Seriously good jams on that bad boy... ;)

    Thanks for linking up with us, again!!

  3. I wanted to be a princess too! And come to think of it, I still do!


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