January 4, 2013

Dryer sheets and its many uses

Did you know that dryer sheets are extremely useful? They aren't just for fluffing your clothes in the dryer anymore. Oh no, no! There are tons of alternatives for this wonderfully smelling "paper" in the home. Here are just a few ways I use them during the week. 

 - Wipe a sheet over your hair to reduce frizz

 - Attach a dyer sheet to your Swiffer mop or run along your baseboards to repel dirt

 - Place a sheet or two in your dirty laundry basket, in your husbands shoes or inside your toilet paper roll to keep the stench away

 - Rub on your clothes to get rid of static cling

 - Place a dryer sheet in your vacuum bag and as hot air moves it gives off a clean scent

 - Rub on your body when going outside to repel the bugs away

 - Soak your used paint brushes in warm water with a dryer sheet to get Latex paint off quickly

 - To get rid of gunk on your iron, turn it on low and use the dryer sheet to clean the soleplate

I love that one household item can have so many functions. Is it weird that it makes me this happy? :)



  1. I knew about a few of those, but the paint brush and and cleaning the iron are new ones to me, AND they will be very useful. Thanks for the tips! Happy Friday, and Happy WEEKEND!!!

  2. If dog comes in wet rub them down with one to prevent "Wet Dog Smell"

  3. I may just have to use these useful tips sometime!! Great!


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