January 21, 2013

Guest Posting today @ Let Them Eat Cake

Hello ladies! I'm guest posting today for dear Rebecca at Let Them Eat Cake. She is hosting a whole guest post week, all to do about weddings!!!

“So why an entire week of wedding stuff you ask? Well, I decided since my wedding anniversary is this week, why not dedicate an entire week full of all the mushy love stuff? And that's exactly what I am doing!!”
So as today begins “wedding week” over at her blog! If you are a bride to be, past bride, or basically whatever stage of life, go check it out because it will be awesome! The topics are from engagements to honeymoons and everything else in between. Rebecca has a bunch of fantastic ladies who have written guest posts that will be published each day. So if you love weddings, go check out her blog this week! 

Happy Monday yall!

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