January 7, 2013

For the love of music

 So much could be said about it.
There are songs that are fun driving in your car with your friends, songs that make you sad or happy, angry or mad. Then there are those songs, the music that evokes something deep in your soul. That score of music that you hold your breath on. Those lyrics that give you goose bumps on your arms. The melodies that make your heart beat rise and fall. You are forever changed when you hear it.

If you haven't experienced that type of music let me suggest the one that I go to over and over. It's actually a book by Victor Hugo written in the 1860's turned into a musical. It's a story of the French Revolution, an ex-convict Jean Valjean and his story of redemption. I highly suggest the original London cast for your listening pleasure.

Each time I hear this musical, the drums leading off the orchestra in the overture, the escape and heart of Valjean, the struggle of freedom of the characters and the epic beauty of the casts voices makes me grateful that God gave people a gift of music. I can't describe it all, I don't see how anyone could. But know, it's the type of music that changes you.
I found some clips off of YouTube that only capture a glimpse of this stunning score. The man singing is Colm Wilkinson, the first Jean Valjean. This is the 10th Anniversary piece, now its 25 years going strong.

Here is the 10th anniversary.
And the 25th anniversary.

Oh, and did I mention it just became a movie?
Yea, I just lost my breathe too....


  1. Hello From Mingle Mondays!!!

    I love love love love love Les Mis!!! Did you see the new movie? It's on my to-do list!

    Best Wishes for a New Year!!!


  2. Ohhh I have been meaning to post about the movie, but I just haven't had a chance yet. I saw this show on broad way when I was in the 10th grade. I saw the movie this weekend and I could have easily turned around and watched it again. The music is phenomenal! I do shows from time to time and this is DEFINITELY on my list of shows that I would LOVE to do! My director said he would cast me as the innkeeper's wife if he ever directed this show. I just laughed! HA New follower here from the Mingle Monday!!



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