February 21, 2013

30 Second Thursdays {Vlog Linkup}

30 Second Thursdays
Last week I missed the Valentines linkup for 30 Second Thursdays due to feeling like death in the bed from a stomach bug. Anyone else gotten this junk? Its awful! I literally wanted to die for a couple of hours. Needless to say, no vlog, blog post or Valentine's for us.
But, this week I am feeling SO MUCH BETTER and joining back for 30 Second Thursdays with Kaitlyn, Samantha and Hallie!
The question this week:

What things are you shallow about?" (Name brands, certain jobs, ANYTHING...yep, embarrass yourself...)

PS. This is our guest room and I love it. Showcases my "perfection" mentality with my stuff. 

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  1. Love! There's nothing wrong with wanting a fabulous and clean home (love the bed frame btw). Only 2 days till BLATE!!

  2. that is probably the BEST Thing to be shallow about, I love it, and your house is so cute! :):)

    thanks for linking up lady love:)

  3. I agree with Hallie! When I own my own houseI will probably be that way too.

  4. Hey lady! Following you now! Love your cute blog! Thanks so much for linking up with us :)


  5. i bet your house is just as pretty (or MORE pretty) as the room you were in in this video! i wish i could do more with my house lol


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