February 26, 2013

Blate in Alabama

We had a blate! 

Nine of us ladies - 8 Alabamians and 1 Mississippi darlin - met up Saturday at my favorite local Birmingham restaurant, Urban Standard for a blogger date. 

I had previously followed most of these ladies blogs, so I recognized several immediately when I walked in. 
We all sat and chatted for 3 hours about blogging, husbands, dating, running and everything in between. 

These women are incredible and I feel so blessed to have met them in person. It was seriously felt like we had known each other for years and just old friends catching up!

We decided we all loved our blate and are going to try and meet up monthly.

Come meet all the lovely ladies...

Me and Jen
Jen • Blog • Twitter

Lauren L, Lauren E, Joy and Ashley

Lauren L • Blog • Twitter
Lauren E • Blog • Twitter
Joy • Blog • Twitter
Ashley • Blog • Twitter

Nadine, Kalyn and Heather

Nadine • Blog • Twitter
Kalyn • Blog • Twitter
Heather • Blog • Twitter

Make sure to stop by, check out their blogs and twitter accounts. You will love them all!!

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  1. whooohoo for coffee blates :) posting mine tomorrow!

  2. So I found through Ashley. I'm from bama too. Love finding bama bloggers would love to part of this. :)


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