February 28, 2013

Let's try Valentines over

Valentine's was a disaster. I had a lovely meal planned out, a lovely and romantic evening planned for my honey and me and it all went to pot. Literally.

It was the day before, Wednesday, when I started to feel really horrible. We had already had an episode of the stomach bug in our house and I was praying like mad that it wouldn't happen again. Well, mother nature had a different plan.

I got the dreaded stomach bug and was knocked off my feet. I finally started feeling like myself 5 days later.

I decided to do all the fun and cute things I planned for Valentine's, just a week later. 

I had ordered a cute set of items from a girl I found blogging. 
I gave Stephen 5 little notes I had written over the course of 2 weeks. Each had a different thing I loved about him written, with the last asking him to be my Valentine. 

That Saturday night, I cooked a feast! With the help of my friend Amber, who sent me some delicious recipes and items from my February Carabox, we had a very romantic and fun evening.

Stephen wasn't allowed in the kitchen while I was cooking. 
I made Bang Bang Shrimp, ribs, and apple crisps and ice cream for dessert. 

I added candles, set the mood lighting, required him to wear a coat and I grabbed a dress.
I allowed Stephen to come in once everything was ready. Stephen brought me beautiful red roses and peanut butter Oreo (YUM).

We chatted about random stuff and went through a questionnaire of 7 questions we about our ideas of romantic evenings and marriage.

Once we were done eating with the meal, we headed into the den for a movie and snack. We lounged on the couch, watched, chatted and had a blast.

It was definitely the evening I had hoped it would be and we had a really great date night!

Here are a couple of pictures from the evening. I forgot to take pictures of the main meal, but got some of the gifts and dessert!

 Apple Crisp - delish!!

You planning a fun date night anytime soon?

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  1. Oh, that sounds like a wonderful celebration! I love that you guys dressed up to eat at home - everything just sounds so romantic :)

  2. Awesome! I bet that the date night was better that it wasn't on VDay! Way to make it up!

  3. Sounds like so much fun! But I hate you were sick on actual VDay! But if you're like me, we like to celebrate love, every day! =)

  4. Super cute! NF here from revolt!

  5. That looks wonderful! So glad it turned good, even if it was a week later! :)

  6. I was sick during Valentine's Day too- I'm glad you still got to celebrate! Looks like a great night! New follower :)


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